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Trying something before buying it is always a smart thing to do. A trial is a perfect way to find out if a VPN provider lives up to your expectations. BIBVPN is now granting new users a 30-day free VPN trial. Not a couple of days money back guarantee trial, an actual free, no strings attached test account. Read along to discover why our free VPN trial awesome.

Improve your online security and Privacy with BIBVPN

No credit card, no cancelation window

No credit card

Yes, many large and popular VPN providers offer you a free trial period. Free VPN trials help new users test the services before purchasing a plan. However, in order to receive the free trial, they ask you to provide your credit card details and offer you a money back guarantee trial. That means there is a cancelation window, and if you don’t cancel your subscription in that period, they automatically charge you for a paid plan. You don’t need this kind of inconvenience. With us, a phone number and an Email address are enough to access a fast, secure and free VPN trial.

No limitations

No limitations

With BIBVPN, you have a full month to test our service. After the free VPN trial period, you can ether cancel your subscription or buy a plan and continue enjoying a secure, fast and unlimited internet connection. Unlimited how? Another advantage of our free VPN trial is that there is neither a data usage limit nor a time limit of using the service. Many popular VPN providers do. Besides, we don’t set any limitations on the protocols, client software, and the server locations during our -indeed- limitless free trial period.

Other perks of BIBVPN 30-day Free VPN trial

Protect your privacy & Prevent surveillance

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Protecting our privacy has always been critical & a worrisome matter. It’s nobody’s business what you are doing online. Your internet service provider and government agencies can see your internet traffic & probably monitor your online activities. So, how you can be sure that your internet traffic is not followed, logged, recorded or shared with third parties?
A VPN encrypts your data traffic so not even your ISP can see what you’re doing. Plus, website owners, third parties, and government agencies can’t track your digital footprints online. It’s quite relieving, right? With our free VPN trial, You can enjoy the full protection of your privacy for 30 days without any payment whatsoever.

Defeat internet censorship & restrictions

barbed wire

Are some of the websites or services not accessible from your location? No worries. Enjoy exploring an unlimited internet with BIBVPN. Get around any censorship and restriction that has been put in your way. Whether you are traveling abroad or living somewhere which some services or websites are unavailable, our service – including our 30-day Free VPN trial – provides you with guaranteed unlimited access to the world wide web.

Wifi security

Wifi security

Are you connected to public wifi and have to log in to your bank account on your laptop? Or need to make a transaction on your phone? Is it safe to do those? No, public networks are not secure. A hacker on the same network can easily access and read your data unless you use a VPN. Whether you are on our 30-day free VPN trial or our paid plans, there is no difference. The service secures your internet connection entirely.

Security for all devices at all times

Security for devices

We give you apps for all your devices, including smartphone, computer, smart TV, and tablet. Also, You can use our VPN service on all platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. With a single BIBVPN account, you can connect up to two devices simultaneously.

VPN protocols

We provided you with multiple VPN connection types to make your browsing experience as pleasant and guarded as possible. With a single account, you can connect to all of them. All you need to do is choosing a protocol which matches your expectations best. Each one has its pros and cons. you can find out more about them on VPN protocols page, but you can start getting to know them right here with an essential introduction we provided for you:


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol was developed by Microsoft, and it has been around since the good old dial-up internet access. This protocol has good speed, and the setup is effortless. But the stability of the connection depends on the network and also has a lower level of security.


Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol is available on any modern platforms and is easy to set up. It is much more secure than PPTP. However, it is more suited for anonymization rather than security.


OpenVPN has the highest performance, and It is a highly configurable protocol. BIBVPN version supports both UDP and TCP ports. Because it is open source, OpenVPN is as flawless as it can get. Paired with a robust encryption algorithm, OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol available.

Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco AnyConnect is a VPN client that indeed is more than a VPN. It has many other capabilities that enable an anyone or any enterprise to secure the endpoint truly. Anyconnet uses the SSL protocol to encrypt packets.

Get free VPN trial

Get our free VPN trial

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