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How can I buy an account ?

you should only choose the product you want , and then register on the website. After that complete the payment process. Finally the account informations will be sent to you by email.

How can I test bibvpn services ?

Refer to the relevant section for the vpn test account

Do your services support my device?

To see the devices and OS compatible with our services, check “tutorial” or contact us by email.

How long does the membership last ?

The membership starts exactly after the first connection established.

I have forgotten my account information. What should I do ?

To get access to your account check your panel in our website and then check the email section there. You can find your vpn account information there.

How to use my account ?

After buying the account , check the tutorials. Here we have provided the “how-to-dos” for every compatible devices .for some devices and OS there are more than one way to connect. We suggest you to read all of them carefully and then choose the best way to connect for your device.